Why is Poker illegal?

I just do not get it, and I am hoping someone can explain. Why on earth is Poker illegal? Is it religion, or social engineering by the government? Is it the governments attempt to protect people from addiction? This seems to be hypocritical as John Stossel explains in this video.

When I turn on TV it seems I see commercial after commercial urging suckers…I mean people to play the lottery. Yet Poker is illegal.

Lets review…

So the state urges people to play the lottery. An activity that is a clear tax on the poor and is a far larger gamble than poker. Sure it helps schools, but couldn’t a tax on both live and online poker provide even more money?

Poker is a game that encourages people to improve their skills through reading books and improving math skills. Generally people that do not commit to improving certain skills end up quit playing because they never win.

This is an older blog, but I love these guys and they have a great point POKER: SKILLVSCHANCE.

So in a downed economy the government targets American owned online poker sites. Genius! Lets shut down Americans creating jobs and bringing money from overseas to the states, while at the same time letting overseas operations scoop up the disenfranchised players (and money).

Why do you need a Poker Table?

The title probably sounds like something your significant other said to you when mentioned the fact that you would like to have a nice poker table for your home games.   It could even be that you found this site on accident and actually thought the same thing.  I mean why pay a few hundred dollars for a poker table? Well I will tell you why, it is one of the only pieces of furniture you can buy that can actually pay for itself!

If you are a die hard poker fan, then playing regularly is a must to develop the table skills.  Having a poker table is the best way to make sure that happens.  If you’re already playing in a regular game, or would like to start playing in one, having a nice table is the best place to start.  Nothing beats the feel of a quality poker table.   Not to mention if your starting a game, people appreciate playing on a casino quality table.  You may not be playing in the WSOP or Poker After Dark, but why not have the feel of it?

So how do you pay for it you ask?   Simple, you win!  Every great fisherman would love a private lake where they can walk a few feet from their back door and catch the biggest fish.  When you own a nice table that is what you have.  You have a pond that is just waiting to be filled with fish!


So you suck at poker?   Well plan #2 is simple, host tournaments and take a rake.  How does that work you ask?  Well if you have a group of 5-10 people that enjoy to play $50 tourneys, simply let everyone know you will now be taking $5 per buy in for supplies.  I have played in dozens of different home games and this is not too uncommon, and based on the stakes you are playing at you can easily clear the purchase of a table after a dozen or so games.  The key to this is to be upfront and open about it.  Most people will not have an issue with something like this if you are transparent.  As someone who has hosted his share of poker games I can attest it is a lot of work, especially if it’s a well run event.

So I have covered a couple of the more obvious ways to pay for your poker table.  In upcoming blogs I will suggest more creative ways, but never forget the best way to pay for your table is to be good at poker and win all the cash!


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