Why is Poker illegal?

I just do not get it, and I am hoping someone can explain. Why on earth is Poker illegal? Is it religion, or social engineering by the government? Is it the governments attempt to protect people from addiction? This seems to be hypocritical as John Stossel explains in this video.

When I turn on TV it seems I see commercial after commercial urging suckers…I mean people to play the lottery. Yet Poker is illegal.

Lets review…

So the state urges people to play the lottery. An activity that is a clear tax on the poor and is a far larger gamble than poker. Sure it helps schools, but couldn’t a tax on both live and online poker provide even more money?

Poker is a game that encourages people to improve their skills through reading books and improving math skills. Generally people that do not commit to improving certain skills end up quit playing because they never win.

This is an older blog, but I love these guys and they have a great point POKER: SKILLVSCHANCE.

So in a downed economy the government targets American owned online poker sites. Genius! Lets shut down Americans creating jobs and bringing money from overseas to the states, while at the same time letting overseas operations scoop up the disenfranchised players (and money).

Review – www.pokerview.com

A new online poker site that has launched is www.pokerview.com.   When ever launching a product or business you want to fill a niche, well they have!  They are an online poker site that features poker tables with web cams, and they are required for play at many tables.

Creating an account was pretty straight forward.  You go through the typical account set up selecting a username, blah blah blah!  They offer a free web cam after you make your first deposit.  I took the free T-Shirt, so I am not sure what the buy-in requirement is to get the free web cam.

Once registration is complete, you then go through a short set up phase where you allow access to your web cam and then are shown the game screen.  It is a web based poker site using flash.  At the time of this review they only offer free poker.

The interface was nothing out of the ordinary with other poker sites. The games offered:

  • Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Tournaments
  • Sit and Go

What stuck out the most was the fact that the place seemed so empty.  After some research I found out that the official launch is the end of February, so this is truly a ground zero operation.  And while the place at 10pm MST on a Tuesday night is not packed, I can’t help but wonder how these guys are the first to implement this?  How has Full Tilt Poker or Poker Stars not implemented this feature?

They do have regular free games without a webcam, and at the time of this review it showed they had 56 tables active with 226 players online.  Scanning through the games I could not find more than a few tables that were web cam enabled.

I am not a fan of online poker, but this seems to a step in the right direction.  It adds a tad of realism to an industry that is riddled with bots and collusion.  Additionally I have been on Full Tilt many times and seated at a table with a “Poker Pro” only to be thinking that anyone could be playing that hand.  How cool would it be to see that big name on the webcam?  I would love to call down Phil Helmuth with 7-2 and see him throw a fit!

If you’re a fan of online poker, check it out and see what you think, and add me as a buddy (username: IPT).  At the least it has some novelty value, but also has a huge upside.  This is probably the future of online poker.