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Florida Gulf Coast University

A 360-View of FGCU

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FGCU 360

About the Client

Florida Gulf Coast University is a local university in Fort Myers, FL. Most of our team consists of FGCU graduates, so we were excited to take on the project for FGCU 360, the University’s new magazine. It was once known as FGCU Pinnacle, but after rebranding, we were asked to help develop a post-driven website for the FGCU Communications Team.

Live Site


FGCU asked us to accomplish the following goals:

Goal One

Complement New FGCU 360 Print Publication.

Goal Two

Implement New Site in WordPress.

Site Architecture

The website architecture was based on the organization of the new FGCU 360 print publication. We added similar categories (or “Departments”) to the website that a reader would find in the print publication. Additionally, we created a “Featured Stories” section for those stories that would be featured on quarterly issues of the magazine that gets distributed to students, staff, and alumni.

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fgcu 360 sitemap
FGCU 360 website on desktop, ipad, and iphone screens

Responsive Design

A responsive website was a major goal for the FGCU Communications team. Content is now being consumed in a digital fashion, so it’s important that print publications offer similar content in print and over the web. Our design was created with responsiveness being top-of-mind.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap

Search Engine Optimization

This project was a bit different in that we had the help of the FGCU team with implementing content. Through training the staff on how to properly use meta information and keywords throughout, we were able to give them the tools they needed to ensure long-lasting SEO success.

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