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About the Client

Directions Training is an online learning platform that provides on-demand online training anytime, anywhere. They chose to partner with Atilus to help them create a site where users could browse and purchase their various courses.

Live Site


Directions Training had 3 major goals for this project:

Goal One

Create a more consistent, user-friendly website with a great look & feel.

Goal Two

Focus the website more on the Directions Training brand.

Goal Three

Maximize SEO & generate more leads.

Site Architecture

We designed a user-friendly, sleek, modern website that clearly displays all of their courses, while still accomplishing their goal of conveying who Direction’s Training is. By having an extensive “about” section, they were able to represent the brand.

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directions training

Responsive Design

An important aspect of the website design & development was making it responsive on all browsers. Since web traffic is becoming increasingly mobile, we made sure that the website was designed to be accessible from all mobile devices and tablets.

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Search Engine Optimization

We use a combination of technical steps and keyword placement to set up the Direction’s Training website with a solid SEO foundation to help them rank in search engines, find new customers and capture new leads.

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Ongoing Hosting & Maintenance

We continue to host and maintain the website for Directions Training. Our standard hosting plan comes with 24/7 uptime, amazing security, top website speed, and a dedicated Client Services Manager to manage their account.

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