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Troyer Brothers

A third-generation family owned farm that brings non-gmo certified products to your family’s table.

Troyer Brothers

About the Client

Troyer Brothers is a family-owned farm that specializes in producing the highest quality, best tasting, red, white, yellow and purple potato varieties from seed to harvest. They came to Atilus to design & develop a modern, engaging and easy to navigate new website for them.

Live Site


Troyer Brothers had 3 major goals for this project.

Goal One

Create a website with a modern look & feel.

Goal Two

Create an engaging & user-friendly experience for website visitors.

Goal Three

The ability to make easy ongoing updates to the site.

Site Architecture

The sitemap was designed to be engaging & easy to navigate for the end-user. It was important to prominently display the 3 potato brands that Troyer Brothers carry so customers can get more information on their products. Also, it was important to share their growth process & history so users can understand what makes them different from competitors.


Troyer Brothers
Troyer Brtohers

Responsive Design

Since more and more website traffic is coming from mobile devices, it was important to make sure we developed the website to be responsive on all devices.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is necessary to make sure that any users searching for Troyer Brothers, or users in their target demographic searching for potato suppliers are able to find the website. Throughout the development & post-launch of the site – we included many technical and content-driven steps, like metadata and keyword-driven content, to make sure the site will rank well for the right keywords.

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Ongoing Hosting & Maintenance

We continue to securely host the Troyer Brothers website as well as provide ongoing maintenance to help them keep it up to date. They have a dedicated account manager which makes updating it easy and stress-free.

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