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COVID-19 Marketing Plan for Your Business


How We Are Responding to COVID-19?

Atilus have been a remote company from the beginning. We have two offices one in Bonita Springs, Florida and one in Fort Myers but we also work remote. In fact, we have team members that live in different states.

We have been very fortunate to already been in place where we could automatically shift. Some businesses are not so fortunate to shift over easily but also have to learn very quick how to cope with remote work. We continue to operate as normal, and we continue to respond. We actually even increase our response rate to our clients and things that we can help you at this very, very difficult time.

We are still operating from 9am to 5pm Eastern time. So, if you have any questions anytime just reach out any of us here, actually, and we’d be more than happy to help.

Main Topic Discussed

  • Why it is important to continue investing in your digital marketing during this crisis. This is very important, investment it’s not simply about money. Investment is also about time.
  • How to approach decision making during this pandemic. How to shift the way you approach and use your marketing resources.
  • We will share three steps you can follow to ensure that the long-term success for your marketing plan.

Why Investing in Digital Marketing is Important

As a general agency working with clients from at least 10 to 15 different industries, we’ve seen clients cut their marketing budget completely and for some businesses, it makes sense. We understand it doesn’t make sense for you to continue to spend a lot of money if you’re closing the door.

But it’s also equally important to keep investing in digital marketing during this time and here is why:

  • It helps you keep the communication open with your customers
  • Your website will help you support your business operations and get you more customers
  • It keeps you ahead of the competition

History has shown that many companies who strategically invest in digital marketing overall, especially during recessionary periods, actually tend to come out on top. And at the end of the day, people will still require your products and services even if they are self-quarantine for a month or two.

People are still searching for your products and services. One of the biggest trends that we’re seeing, according to Forbes, is an increase in online activity. People are spending more time online and they’re more likely to see your online marketing efforts. Which makes investing in digital marketing is crucial to your marketing plan.

Consumers are looking for alternatives online. Get creative on how you can jump out in front of your customers and how you can jump out in front of those search terms that people are using in search engines. Provide your audience with what they need and when they need it. Sometimes that means being flexible and getting creative to stay ahead of your competitors.

How to Approach Decision Making During This Time

It is very important for you as a marketer or as a business owner to really change your messaging to and how you present your information about your business. Before you make any decisions, it is important to take a step back, and start by analyzing all of your marketing channels.

Analyze the performance of each specific channel, just to make the best-informed decisions about which long term marketing strategies will continue to work during this crisis and also over the next few months. Then you can determine if any needs to be scaled back.

To some degree, you may have to scale and even pause your marketing efforts. However, it is also equally important to ensure that you are shifting resources to what’s you need. For example, it may not be a good time right now to spend a lot of money in social media because at the moment, your, your door are close. Shifting that to pay-per-click and Google ads, could be the best avenue right now.

We’re going to talk about three things that you can do right now to help your business get through this crisis and ensure your business is ready when it is over.

Steps to Adapting Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

  1. Analyze your current ad spend and continue to invest
  2. Concentrate on content generation
  3. Adjust your email marketing campaigns.

Analyze All Your Ad Spend

As we mentioned before people are still online and attention to digital is increasing during this quarantine. Right now, your competitors will likely pause ad campaigns because they could be worried about the company their fuds.

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook and Google are handing out ad grants and ad credit. We will start to see funds being distributed into accounts, probably mid May.  We will let you know when we start to see these funds being distributed.

If you are applying for the Facebook grant, make sure that even if your business resides in Fort Myers, Florida you fill that application for Miami since it is the closest city accepting applications for Facebook. You would apply as if we were in the Miami region, although we are not. Facebook allows that. You want to find out which city closest to you is accepting applications.

Salesforce is also providing grants; they have a $5 million dollar grant right now going on. You can go to the Salesforce website and apply for some of that grant. The grant is more of a credit to use in Salesforce.

Another thing we recommend is to change your approach for now and shift the focus of your ads to build empathy and brand awareness, rather than hard selling. Everybody’s on edge so focusing your ads on empathy or shifting the attention to who you are, what you do, and what you are doing as a business to help with this crisis. Companies who help on hard times will be remembered. If those are the things that you can do, try to do that.

Concentrate on Content Generation

Content is king. Currently, there will be about 4 billion articles produced on a weekly basis on the web. And as, as search engines are getting smarter, your content becomes more important than ever. This is one of the things where you will be investing your time, it’s not just about money. You should really take the time to ensure that the content on your website, the content in your marketing piece, resonates with your audience.

It is really very important to make sure the content on your website not only optimized for your industry, your business, your audience, but also make sure it makes it makes sense for both the search engine that would be indexing your content, and from a usability perspective. Again, as AI is slowly taking over content, it is looking at how well the content is written and how focused it is.

Blogs are a crucial component to your credibility and to your SEO ranking. You probably heard almost every web agency say you need to blog. It is true. Blogs are as important as ever. They establish you as an expert in your field and address your customers’ topics of interest. It is also a great way to keep your customers informed during COVID-19.

While there is no standard on the length of the blogs, we recommend to stay between roughly 500 to 1500 words when it comes to word count.

Google My Businesses is one of the biggest components of SEO as we speak. Google really take into account when most transaction are done locally. Make sure you have as much information that you can on your account and that you updated very often so you can stay on top of local searches. Take the time to respond to the reviews as well. This will help you with your rankings too. Treat your Google My Business Page as another social channel.

When writing the content, don’t overthink it. You know your business; you know your industry and be consistent with the content you are pushing out.

Adjust Your Email Marketing Campaign

Utilizing email right now is very important.  Use it to reach your clients and keep them informed on what is going on with you. Answer questions such as, are you still open? Are you still running? How are you reacting to this crisis? All this information you can push out on an email newsletter, and your customers will find that extremely valuable.

A perfect content idea for a newsletter is how are you responding internally to COVID-19.  If you write a blog about it, attach that blog to your email newsletter and blast it out. Share in your email newsletters any educational or informative resources that you can offer your clients

Again, take this free time to communicate with your customers. It is crucial. If you don’t have a lot of customers in your database, around 20 to 100 customers, you want to personalize this message, just reach out to them individually. This way you get to know them better. Sometimes make a phone call to see how the customer is doing.

Being Proactive Is Key

At the end of the day, it’s all about adapting to this new normal. Restaurants are shifting from dinning in to delivery and takeout. Fitness centers now do virtual fitness classes. And many other businesses trying to adapt to this crisis. This is why it’s really important to share with your customers, what are you offering and How are you adapting. Take a step back and think outside the box. Here’s my product, here’s my service, what can I do right now or in the next three months to potentially cater people that are stuck at home or staying at home.

If you would like to know how we can help, give us a call at 239-362-1271 for more information.



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